BookMyVehicle.Com is the One Stop Shop for all your taxi service requirements that brings various Taxi Service Providers to one common platform enabling the customer to book a vehicle of their choice. BookMyVehicle.Com offers you the unique features of "Free Vehicle Availability" and "Get Me Quote" for the first time in Indian Cab industry.

Sign Up Details:

  • To avail the service from BookMyVehicle.Com a customer would be directed to fill in the signup details such as Name / Location/ Contact Details/ User Name/ Password.
  • The customer would receive an SMS Alert OTP and Email Alert OTP to verify the authenticity of the details provided.
  • Once the signup is completed the customer would be able to login and start booking.
  1. Advanced Booking - Plan > Compare > Book

    • Plan - Booking for a future need. A customer would find it relaxed as the Taxi would reach only according to the time schedule given with the assurance of confirmation.
    • Compare – From the list of operators displayed through the BookMyVehicle.Com portal the customer is facilitated to compare prices and features suiting the travel need.
    • Book - Selecting upon the best choice, the customer will be able to book the desired vehicle.
  2. Get Me Quote - Quote > Compare > Book

    • Quote - For the first of its kind in Indian Cab Industry, BookMyVehicle.Com brings you the unique feature “Get Me Quote”. Through this option the customer is enabled to receive different Price Quotes from Different Service Providers for the Advance / Hourly / Outstation Packages.

      1. Once the customer inputs the requirement and hits the Go button, an SMS / Email alert is sent to all the service providers to send their Price Quotes along with other details within a time gap of 30 Minutes back to the customer.
      2. Every quote from the service provider is received by the customer both through SMS and email.
    • Compare - The Customer now gets the distinctive benefit to compare prices received through various service providers and book the vehicle instantly from the best price/service quote received. Customer time is saved instead of going through various websites / enquiring.
    • Book - Selecting upon the best choice, the customer will be able to book the desired vehicle.
  3. Cancellation Policy:

    Our system of handling bookings is automated and once your journey is confirmed, a cab is assigned to report to you. We do understand that sometimes, plans change and you may need to cancel a booking. Please tell us as soon as you reasonably can - that you would like to cancel a booking so that we can avoid a taxi reporting to you, when you don't need it.

    Current / Advance Booking Cancellation:

    • A customer needs to contact the operator directly towards the cancellation of booking.
    • If customers cancel the trip right before it starts or less than given advance time the operator may charge cancellation charges as is applicable per the operator.
    • Tour cannot happen, due to a logistic problem (mechanical failure with vehicles during pick up/drop/any service type), or any other similar event, the operator will be responsible and any damages need to be made good by the operator.
    • If a travel/tour gets cancelled in the middle of the journey due to any unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters the operator may charge as is applicable.
    • BookMyVehicle.Com will not be held responsible at any of the above.

    Get Me Quote Cancellation:

    • Customer would be advised to cancel the booking only through BookMyVehicle.Com portal but in cases a customer may also approach the operator to cancel. An alert through SMS and email is instantaneously sent to the operator.
    • If the cancellation is done within an acceptable time full refund is given back to the customer within 3 to 4 working days.
    • If the cancellation happens above the acceptable time no refund is obliged.
    • Due to any unforeseen reason the operator fails to provide the service, full payment refund along with any charges of damages need to be borne by the operator.
  4. Refund Policy:

    • Any refund towards Current / Advance booking is processed by the operator.
    • Refund in the case of cancellation of booking done through ‘Get Me Quote’ is processed by BookMyVehicle.Com. Refund in cases of mechanical failure of vehicle or any damages incurred inside/outside of the tour/travel are processed by Operator.
  5. Trip Update:

    • Customers are advised to update the tour details after the completion of journey such as – Driver Behavior, Vehicle Condition, Total Journey Fare and overall journey experience in a few words so that we may change/improve on the services.
    • Customers will get FREE Coupons on every trip update.
  6. In which cities is the service available?
    The service at present is available only to the cities of Hyderabad and Bengaluru and soon to be extended to all major cities in India.
  7. Do I need to register on your site to book cabs?
    Yes, you are required to register with us to book a cab.
  8. Can I change my booking?
    Yes. You can change the date of booking before 24 hours from the scheduled booking time free of charge. No change is accepted after that.
  9. What if I don't turn up after the taxi arrives at the pickup location?
    We would consider this as a no-show from your end and would charge you 100% of your Booking amount as cancellation charges.
  10. What if the car shows up late?
    We try our best to ensure our partners, reach our customers on time. But in case you don't hear from the driver 30 minutes before your journey begins, please call us @ 080- 3366 4466,040- 3366 4466 to assist/help you.
  11. When will I receive the vehicle and driver details?
    Upon booking, the customer instantly receives the Confirmation details through Email and SMS from BookMyVehicle.Com. The driver and Vehicle details are received by customer from the selected operator before an hour of the booking time.
  12. How will I meet the driver from an Airport or Railway Station?
    Normally the driver would call before 15 minutes from the point of pickup, in any unlikely situation the customers may please call Support @24/7 round the clock.
  13. Are there any other charges that I have to pay?
    Yes, all Toll/Parking/State Taxes, Waiting and any miscellaneous charges of your travel is required to be paid by you.
  14. How should the balance be paid after the journey?
    The balance need to be paid to the Driver through Cash.
  15. Is BookMyVehicle.Com a secure company?
    BookMyVehicle.Com secures your personal information using a 128 bit encryption SSL certificate. In addition your credit/debit card information is processed over the instamojo.com secure payment gateway which is VeriSign certified.
  16. Is there a fee charged for booking through BookMyVehicle.Com?
    There is No fee charged booking through BookMyVehicle.Com.
  17. What are the different options for the payment?
    Payments can be made through any Debit / Credit Card, Internet Banking.
  18. Can I book a vehicle for someone else using my credit/debit card?
    Surely Yes, You can book a vehicle for any of your loved ones and friends.
  19. How do I identify the transaction in my credit card bill?
    Transaction ID will be generated for BookMyVehicle.Com to Innobiz Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.
  20. Is personal information shared with others?
    BookMyVehicle.Com strictly does not share / support sharing of personal information to any third party at any time unless required by court / legal authority.


Please note that BookMyVehicle.Com is just a booking platform bringing various operators under one roof at Innobiz Ecommerce Pvt Ltd. Thereby any claims/compensation/damages will be the sole responsibility of the respective operator only.

Please write to us support@BookMyVehicle.com or call @ 080- 3366 4466,040- 3366 4466 towards any further help or assistance needed.