"Taxi Service Operator" to define as Taxi Booking Service approved by the State and Central Government Laws to run a taxi/cab service and accredited by a taxi network that accepts bookings for taxis from people.

An operator must ensure that at all times arrangements are in force for the provision of a taxi booking and that the taxi is fitted with required fittings. In addition an operator needs to demonstrate ability to meet appropriate requirements for financial viability; safety of drivers, passengers and the public; and proper vehicle maintenance.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Operator should posses the License/Registrations approved from the State Road Transportation Corporation / Competent Authorities to provide Taxi Service.
  • Minimum fleet size should be 25 vehicles (Hatchback, Sedan OR SUV).
  • API Integration is needed for the software to be linked to the operator to update the required details such as Free Vehicle Availability.

Advantages to Operator

  1. 100% accuracy towards booking received.
  2. 'Get Me Quote' Benefits:
    • For the first of its kind in Indian Cab Service Industry, BookMyVehicle.Com brings the unique feature “Get Me Quote”. Through this option the customer is enabled to receive different Price Quotes from Different Service Providers for the Advance / Hourly / Outstation Packages.
    • Once the customer inputs the requirement and hits the Go button, an SMS / Email alert is sent to all the service providers to send their Best Price Quotes along with other details within a time gap of 15 -20 Minutes back to the customer.
    • Every response from the service provider is received by the customer both through SMS and email.
    • Operator would revert the quotes based only on the availability of vehicle and value of the booking cost.
    • Customers would be directed to pay a certain percentage to book the vehicle; this would help control false bookings.
    • Customers need to book the vehicle within 45 minutes of the quotes received otherwise the quote gets in valid.
    • Operator gets the benefit of time to arrange for bookings much easily due to the advance booking period.
    • Because of the free vehicle’s availability the operator may quote at a discounted price to engage a booking.
    • Operator is facilitated to provide additional quote along with requested quote.
    • For Example: If the customer requests quote for a Hatchback, along with the quote for Hatchback, the operator can also send an additional quote for a sedan as well. This is just for reference and compares prices.
    • Depending upon the difference in price a customer may book per the choice.
    • Further Benefit to operator is even when the quote looks high a customer may book because of the free vehicle availability.
    • GetMeQuote” model helps building customer curiosity and in turn helps the volume of outstation tours increase gradually.
  3. With the help of BookMyVehicle.Com application, an operator can easily enter into newer locations expanding business.
  4. Operators get the support of Branding and Free Advertisement through BookMyVehicle.Com. BookMyVehicle.Com provides space for all operators to input the Overview, Achievements and Offers. This would help operators save on their marketing expenses and other infrastructure costs.
  5. 24/7 support in case of any technical malfunction.
  6. Testimonies from customers are exhibited on the main page so the operators are valued by rankings.

Terms and Conditions

Booking Policy:

  • Any booking taken by the operator needs to be fulfilled at any cost.
  • Operator will make every effort to safeguard its customers and their personal property.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com by no means takes the responsibility for any act of negligence or omission whatsoever, by any operator/customer where services are used as part of packages provided.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike or any other cause or to damage sustained by tourists including those occurring inside/outside the touring program. BookMyVehicle.Com acts in good faith but cannot be held responsible for any defaults or delays. We therefore advise all operators to have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.

Mandatory Prerequisite:

  • It is mandatory to register with us through a valid mobile number and e-mail. By signing up, you also agree to the Operator Terms governing the site. BookMyVehicle.Com will store the information provided for contacting you for all service related matters. You shall promptly inform BookMyVehicle.Com on any change in the information provided, in order to serve you better.
  • By registering, you affirm that the information provided is complete and accurate.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com at liberty at all times to verify the information provided and to refuse the Service or use of the Application just in case of false information.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com is just a booking platform BookMyVehicle.Com will NOT be held responsible for any damages Or compensation that may occur inside/outside the touring program by any operator/customer.

Vehicle Fitness:

  • Operators need to ensure good condition of the vehicles fitted with all needed specifications prescribed by the State and Central government laws.

Driver Etiquette:

  • Operators are advised that the drivers maintain all the necessary taxi documentation applicable per the state and central government rules and regulations for running a taxi.
  • Operators need to ensure drivers to obey and respect customers and abide by all obligations under the public care objective to provide safe service.
  • Drivers are required to maintain appropriate attire as passengers have the right to expect taxi drivers to be neat, clean and tidy in appearance and without offensive body language/odor.
  • Drivers are entitled to a safe working environment so that passengers have an uninterrupted and happy travel, hence any threats to safety, being physical or verbal or inappropriate behavior is nowhere entertained.
  • Taxi drivers are expected to know major routes / major destinations within their zone. These include airports, major railway stations, major hotels and sporting and cultural facilities.

Payment Policy:

Advance Booking:

  • BookMyVehicle.Com is giving the flexibility of no payment gateway on Advance Bookings to attract more business to our valued operators.
  • Tracking of the advance booking is kept for reference by BookMyVehicle.Com.


  • Customers would be directed to pay certain percentage of fare in advance to book the vehicle; this would help control false bookings.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Accurate information Booking ID/Quote ID/Transaction details need to be recorded on every cancellation by Operator.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com also conducts a further verification towards maintaining the track of cancellation and making changes where ever necessary.

Advance Booking Cancellation:

  • A customer may contact the operator directly towards the cancellation of booking.
  • If customers cancel the trip right before it starts or less than given advance time the operator may charge cancellation charges as is applicable per the operator.
  • Tour cannot happen, due to a logistic problem (mechanical failure with vehicles during pick up/drop/any service type), or any other similar event, the operator only be responsible and any damages need to be made good by the operator.
  • If a travel/tour gets cancelled in the middle of the journey due to any unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters the operator may charge as is applicable.
  • BookMyVehicle.Com will not be held responsible at any of the above.

Get Me Quote Cancellation:

  • Customer would be advised to cancel the booking only through BookMyVehicle.Com portal but in cases a customer may also approach the operator to cancel. An alert through SMS and email is instantaneously sent to the operator.
  • If the cancellation is done within an acceptable time full refund is given back to the customer within 3 to 4 working days.
  • If the cancellation happens above the acceptable time no refund is obliged. Due to any unforeseen reason the operator fails to provide the service, full payment refund along with any charges of damages need to be borne by the operator.

BookMyVehicle.Com will not be responsible for any 'Customer No Show' or 'Customer Cancellation' from the above.

Refund Policy:

  • Any refund towards Current / Advance booking is processed by the operator.
  • Refund in the case of cancellation of booking done through “GetMeQuote” is processed by BookMyVehicle.Com. Refund in cases of mechanical failure of vehicle or any damages incurred inside/outside of the tour/travel are processed by Operator.


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